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Cavet Technologies Inc.

Focus: Systems that reduce power usage in light bulbs

Toronto, ON

President & CEO: Albert Behr

With electricity prices soaring, commercial space operators are hungry for ways to bring costs down. Enter LumiSmart. The shoebox-sized device, which attaches to a building’s circuit-breaker panels, reduces the energy used by flourescent light bulbs. “We can save you 30% to 40% on an escalating fixed cost with a device we can install in 30 minutes and that costs just $2,000,” says Albert Behr, president and CEO of Cavet Technologies Inc., LumiSmart’s Toronto-based manufacturer.

Patented in 1995 by inventor Vito Rinaldi, LumiSmart spent more than a decade in limbo until Behr found it in 2007.

Cavet has sold several hundred of its “intelligent lighting control” systems since launching them in January. It expects to sell tens of thousands more in 2012, yielding revenue of at least $50 million.

Cavet is also developing devices for non-fluorescent bulbs. And it’s working hard to crack markets such as California and Europe, where electricity prices are high.

Albert Behr

Photography by Hamin Lee

Technology Corp.

Focus: Cooking systems that prevents stove fires
Mississauga, ON

President & CEO: Kevin Callahan

Even the most innovative products won’t sell if they’re marketed to the wrong customer. Kevin Callahan learned that first-hand when stove manufacturers showed little interest in his patented cooking-fire-prevention system called Safe-T-element.

Rather than change his product, Callahan changed targets. In 2006, through his Mississauga, Ont-based company Pioneering Technology Corp., he began marketing the system to public housing authorities, leveraging an endorsement from a U.S. fire chiefs association. They loved it. By 2010, sales had reached $2.9 million.

Safe-T-element is a set of cast-iron plates that are installed over electric burners and connected to a unit inside the stove. The system regulates the heat to each burner, shutting off power if the temperature gets too hot.

Customers now include the U.S. military, 65 campuses and 250 housing authorities across North America, Japan, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. It’s safe to say the product is catching on like wildfire.

Kevin Callahan

Photography by Hamin Lee

UBB Corp
Focus: Construction materials
Mississauga, ON

President & CEO: Peter Uhl

Peter Uhl was overseeing a home-building project in 2005 when he came up with his big idea: the Ultimate Building Block (UBB), an insulated concrete form that creates building blocks with tongue-and-groove design, making them easy to slide together to form a wall. The blocks cut construction time by up to two thirds, and are cheaper than most forms of wood construction and common concrete construction.

Today, Uhl is close to taking his idea to market through UBB Corp., the Mississauga, Ont.-based firm he started in 2009. He has assembled an advisory board who will help him secure capital and fill gaps in his own expertise.

Uhl has shown his prototypes to carpenters, architects, builders and developers. The feedback has been good, he says, with builders “enthusiastic” about the potential savings of time and money.

Although UBB Corp. is still pre-revenue, Uhl says a conservative projection of his company’s sales is $20 million by 2013.

Peter Uhl

Photography by Hamin Lee

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